We care for our customers

Our manufacturing / technologies

Eccentric press

Presses and press lines with increased productivity. High reliability. Optimal productivity and safety.

Progressive press

Parts of stainless steel, brass or aluminium are drawn, punched or bent in automatic progressive forming machines.

Automatic punching and bending machine

High production performance and safety thanks to curve-controlled movement sequences. Sophisticated technology for precision tools.

Metal degreasing system

GMG has a high-capacity metal degreasing plant.

Automatic press

GMG processes duroplastic moulding compounds on different machines for making composites of metal parts and duroplastic.

Injection moulding machine

GMG has modern systems for the automatic or semi-automatic application of these technologies.

Why customers choose us

Three Good Reasons


We have a lot of experience

... in what we do. For more than 20 years our professional competence in metal construction has been at the highest level.


We are professionally trained

... and keep us up to date with the latest technology through regular training courses.


We find individual solutions

Flexibility and adaptation to the specific requirements of the flow series and different processing conditions for the lamp products enables customers to be won both at home and abroad.

Information about our company and products


17 Dec

Unsere neue Website ist online.

Wir freuen uns sehr, Ihnen unsere neugestaltete Homepage vorstellen zu können. Die Seite ist bedienerfreundlicher geworden und nun auch für mobile...

17 Apr

Betriebe mit zukunftsorientierter Personalpolitik gewürdigt

Landkreis Gotha (psk//jc) - Im Jahr 2011 lobte das Jobcenter im Landkreis Gotha einen Preis für „Unternehmen mit Weitblick“ aus. Am 16. April wurden...

24 Aug

Mittelstandspreis des Landkreises für Andreas Hacker

In der Rennbahngaststätte Gotha-Boxberg wurde gestern der Unternehmerpreis des Landkreises verliehen. Der Unternehmer des Jahres heißt Andreas Hacker...